Easter traditions at the farm

Blogartikel // 30. Nov. 2017
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Easter traditions at the farm

Around Easter, you can get involved in many traditional customs at the farm. Painting Easter eggs, baking Easter bread, carrying the Weihfeuer, the blessing of the Easter food, and of course, the ever-popular Easter egg hunt.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is a day for spinach – spinach with roast potatoes and a fried egg is the most traditional Maundy Thursday meal in Austria and it enjoys widespread popularity.
At the “da Bräuhauser” farm estate, there is a special dish served on Maundy Thursday: “Gründonnerstagssuppe”. It’s a delicious spring herb soup. It contains all the herbs that are found in the garden or on the meadows. If you’d like to recreate it, we have the recipe.
Gründonnerstagssuppe © Fotolia silencefoto

Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of fasting; no meat can be served, but fish is allowed. At the “Haunzwicklhof” in Mürzzuschlag, even fish is frowned upon, as they serve Brennsterz for Good Friday lunch.
In many places, you may encounter the “Ratschenbuam”. According to tradition, the church bells fly away to Rome on Good Friday. As the church bells cannot sound, the “Ratschenbuam” go around town. They carry rattles made of wood that make a lot of noise. The rattles are shaken at defined times to mark the start of mass. 
Hase im Gras am Christerbauerhof © Christiana Schweiger

Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday, children start the day by carrying the Weihfeuer from house to house. As a reward, they are given sweets and a little bit of money. At the “Haunzwicklhof”, they then place a burning coal in the oven, so that the meat for Easter dinner can be cooked using the sacred flame.
From noon, the Easter meals are blessed. The ceremonial basket is decorated for Easter and is filled with the meat, eggs, horseradish and Easter bread, which is usually home-baked. In the afternoon or evening, the blessed Easter food is enjoyed among family.
For many, the highlight is the traditional Osterfeuer, an Easter bonfire. People start gathering the firewood as early as during Lent. At the “Wagnerhof”, everybody gets involved on Holy Saturday, and they all make the Osterfeuer together. After all, they want to earn the convivial get-together in the evening with food and drinks by the fireside.
Easter crosses are also traditional in South Styria and West Styria. These have been around since the first half of the 20th Century, and have often replaced the traditional Easter fire. Today, these crosses are composed of many lamps, and are ceremonially lit on Good Friday.
Osterfeuer am Wagnerhof © Astrid Steiner

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the climax of the Easter celebrations of Christ’s resurrection. And the Easter egg hunt is especially important to the children. The eggs are painted throughout the Holy Week. If you’d like to try painting eggs in a natural way, using onion skin, we can tell you how.
The Easter bread is also baked before Holy Saturday. Of course, we have the recipe for all baking enthusiasts as well!
Osterbrot mit Ostereiern Fotolia © Fotolia ChristArt